About Us

Genetics Built to Last

We are Bucksnort Ranch, a premium quality angus cattle operation located in McEwen, Tennessee. Established in 2019, we have spent the last several years establishing our operation to build a solid commercial Angus herd of over 140 animals, and push these cattle to reach their highest potential. Driving this is our core values that represent what we look for in our genetic makeup: Maternal, Consistency, Longevity, and Quality. 

The ranch is managed by Jason Meadon, who is a South African native. Jason has been a member of the Bucksnort Ranch team from the beginning, and has worked with the owner to define the goals and expectations of where they want to see the future of the ranch. He is passionate about growing the Bucksnort herd into one of the most elite Angus herds in Tennessee and throughout the nation. Most importantly, his goal is to ensure customers receive sound, prosperous, and quality cattle. 

While our bread and butter has been the commercial side of Angus breeding, the operation has grown significantly over the past few years and we are transitioning to also cater to seedstock customers. Our genetics have proven themselves on the commercial side, and we are sure they will meet the standards of the seedstock customers as well. 

Our cattle herd is just one part of this beautiful ranch. Bucksnort Ranch owner, Rich Roberts, knew that the landscape of this ranch is something to be treasured. The 3,000 acres that belongs to Bucksnort Ranch is not only a place to raise quality cattle, but is home to various wildlife species that are a part of the beautiful Tennessee terrain. Rich envisioned Bucksnort Ranch as an opportunity where both cattle and wildlife could cohabitate, thrive, and grow in a sustainable and cohesive way. A businessman from Nashville, Rich always enjoys visiting the Bucksnort Ranch and seeing all that it has to admire. 

If you’re looking for semen, a new bull, bred heifers, or embryos, we surely have something for you. We welcome you to contact us for more information!


Core values

The focus is on the Maternal Instinct of the Angus cow and be able to have the performance on forage. Proven Maternal genetics is what we built off of. 
The term “consistency is key” could not be more true at Bucksnort Ranch, and that’s why it’s one of our core values.
In order to be economically and financially sound, you must have cattle that can last. This trait is one we never forget to breed for when building the herd.
Quality is the forefront for everything we do. We want the Bucksnort Ranch name to be known for having quality, elite Angus cattle.