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Welcome to Bucksnort Ranch! Bucksnort Ranch is situated in Middle Tennessee, near the central portion of the state, right on the edge of the scenic Duck River. Since 2019, we have been home to some of the most elite Black Angus females in the state of Tennessee, and we’re only going up from here. Our ranch sprawls across 3,000 lustrous acres, giving our cattle the opportunity to grow vigorously and build a strong foundation so that they may be productive assets to anyone’s herd. From start to finish, top tier quality is what we aim for.

Bucksnort Ranch prides itself on raising cattle that can proudly represent the Bucksnort Ranch name. With maternal characteristics in mind, we raise high-quality, easy fleshing, functional females that produce profitable offspring for years. Built on tried and true genetics, Bucksnort Ranch breeds cattle that reflect their core values of - maternal cows, consistency in breeding, longevity within the herd, and quality. The philosophy is simple, and that’s how we’ve become successful Angus breeders.

When you look at our Angus stock, there’s no question that we best serve commercial Angus operations. Our cattle have all the qualities sought after for commercial customers, but our recent focus has been to drive interest from seedstock producers as well. We are proud to admit that the quality of our cattle can satisfy both types of customers, and we hope to grow to display that at our own sale one day. For whatever your need may be, we’ve got the cattle for you.

The team at Bucksnort Ranch is dedicated to raising cattle that fits the criteria of all customers. Ranch Manager, Jason Meadon, has been with Bucksnort Ranch from the start and understands the ins and outs of the business. Whether you are looking for a new herd bull, bred heifers, embryos, or semen, Jason and his team at Bucksnort Ranch are prepared to find you something to bring home. We welcome your business and look forward to helping you excel your Angus genetics. Take a look around, and contact us for more information!

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